Sean Cornwall (also known as Reverend Cornwall of Oklahoma) was a prominent Christian Identity minister from Mayes County, Oklahoma. He was a self-proclaimed fuhrer and the leader of the New Imperium, an organization he led until the confrontation with federal informants in 1998.

Ministry and other white supremacist activitiesEdit

Cornwall started his career as a journalist in Washington Post, from which position he was fired due to the strong problems with alcoholism.

He joined the American Nazi Party in 1991 and became known as a "Lietuenant-Colonel" withing the party. He left the Nazi Party in 1993 and moved to Oklahoma, where he opened a 4-acres compound on the green field bought with the price of $500.

In Oklahoma, he founded the white supremacist group called the New Imperium, with National Socialism as its official platform. He was organizing annual "White Pride" rallies for 5 years on his compound in Mayes County with the help of the local Ku Klux Klan chapter, as well as the various skinhead groups.

Federal investigation aftermath OK BombingEdit

After the bombing of the Murray federal building in Oklahoma, the FBI began the investigation of the New Imperium compound in Mayes County.

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